Today the Mexican Peso exchange rate reached 19 peso for every US dollar. Just a few years ago, the exchange rate was around 12. That's a 63 percent increase of buying power if you own US dollars.

I recently went to a modest Mexican restaurant and order a shrimp plate that cost 90 pesos. With the new exchange rate, it cost me an incredible $4.73 US. You can't beat that price. Mexico has a chain of grocery stores called S-Mart (similar to Walmart in the US). A quick visit to S-Mart website shows Bud Light (yes, they sell Bud Light in Mexico) for $104.99 pesos for a 12 pack. That comes out to $5.53 in US dollars. This doesn't include Mexican sales tax and US alcohol import tax but it's still an incredible deal. S-Mart has children's Back Packs for 164.99 pesos. That's $8.68 US. About half of the Walmart US price. Of course exchange rates and prices vary. Consider also bridge cross wait times, etc. Make sure to do your own research before you go.

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