If you have traffic warrants and fines, you need to keep reading because there is some good news about pay those and avoiding jail time.

A lawsuit the City of El Paso was involved in after a Buzzfeed article from two years ago that showed people being thrown in jail for not being able to pay their fines has been settled.
The City has put some new rules in place for defendants who are struggling to pay municipal court fees, tickets, and other fines.
From now on, you will be offered payment plans without having to come up with a down payment. Your ability to pay will be considered, and you have the right to request community service instead of a fine.

If you are making a good faith effort to pay fines, your warrant will be recalled, and you can request extensions on your payment schedules.

Some other changes include issuing summons notices in English and Spanish to make them more easily understandable, adjusting hours of operation to make paying tickets and fines more convenient, and keeping the City's website information updated so that it's easier for people to understand their rights and options, as well as to help them navigate municipal court process.

You can find out more information about these new changes by calling (915)212-0033.

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