As we all know, the Dallas Cowboys and the Steelers have had a good rivalry going on for years, ever since I can remember. It's fitting that Monika and I make a bet because I am a die hard Cowboys fan and Monika loves her Steelers. After this weekend we can have hopes, or be disappointed that our teams are one step closer, or not to playing in Super Bowl LI.

IF our respected teams do indeed make it to the big dance, Monika and I have decided to make it fun with a friendly bet. If the Steelers win, I will have to drive around with her Steelers steering wheel cover on my car for a week. And if the Cowboys win, Monika has to wear my Dallas Cowboys scarf for a week.

We came to this bet because I was talking about the Cowboys, and if we do indeed win this Sunday, we are one step closer to the Super Bowl and if the stars align right, it would be a Steelers and Cowboys Super Bowl and we could win our sixth ring to tie with the Steelers. But Monika is saying the Steelers will win and it will be their seventh ring because it is 2017. I guess we have to wait and see! Here is to some good football without any injuries Sunday!

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