This is not some sort of colossal joke, it's GDFR*!

Well that's at least what Radar Online is saying about Trump paying big bucks for Flo Rida to perform at Trump's inauguration on January 20th. Flo Rida has accepted the offer according to Radar Online to be the main musical act at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Back in 2015, according to Radar Online, Flo RIda pulled himself from performing at the Miss USA Pageant after Trump allegedly called Mexicans rapist, but Flo Rida never stated why he pulled out of the pageant and never said anything anti-Trump. I guess money talks, and when $1 million dollars is presented to you to perform your hits at one of the most controversial president's inauguration, you do it. There is a long list of performers that have stated they will absolutely NOT be performing at Trump's Inauguration. Check out the list at Radar Online. Nonetheless, January 20th should be pretty interesting.

* -- Juuuuust in case: GDFR stands for "going down for real."

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