If you're going to cheer on the Miners this Saturday at the Sun Bowl as they beat the daylights out of NMSU(!), don't fight traffic on Mesa - do this instead!

We all know that traffic around UTEP can get to be a pain in the neck whenever there is a football game going on, so hop on a Sun Metro bus and avoid all that nonsense!

Park at the Union Plaza Transit Terminal,  400 W. San Antonio, and for $3 per person, kids under 5 are free and have to be accompanied by an adult, you can hop on the bus, Gus, and ride in style all the way to the Glory Road Transfer Center across from the Don Haskins Center!

There are some things you need to know like:

-- You can't use a bus pass or reduced fare for this particular bus ride.

-- If you park at the Union Plaza Transit Terminal, it will cost you $5, and it's on a first come, first served basis.

-- No food or drinks will be allowed on the buses, and you can't take coolers or umbrellas to the Sun Bowl.

-- There is no tailgating in the Union Transit Terminal nor Glory Road Transit Terminal parking garages.

Here are some tailgating details you need to know for all the Miner football games.  Don't miss the game, and GOOOOOOOO MINERS!