Given our area's long and rich history, it should come as no surprise that El Paso is one of the most haunted cities in Texas. The list of places either alleged to be or well documented as haunted is long.

Paranormal El Paso, part of the KCOS web series Only In El Paso, highlights two of the best known; the El Paso Public Library Downtown, and Southwest General Hospital.

The Downtown public library was built on land that was once a graveyard. Many believe not all the remains were transferred to Concordia Cemetery and that the noises and voices library visitors and personnel hear are the ghosts of those left behind.

Originally the Albert Baldwin Heath Resort, Southwest General Hospital near Scenic Drive was built in the early 1900's primarily as a sanatorium. Sounds of babies crying, a woman screaming, and the appearance of young lady in an old school nurse uniform have been reported by staff and visitors for decades.

If you believe in ghosts, or are intrigued by local history, then the above video is a must-watch.

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