Sunland Park Mall is bringing back the entertainment that will thrill your eyes next month. The Paranormal Cirque is making a comeback to the parking lot of Sunland Park Mall. If you've attended before then you know what you're in store for.

But if you've never attended then you're in store for a major surprise and thrill for your eyes. The Paranormal Cirque is like the circus except it's got a hint of a darker side to it. Their 2021 show will all tie up to a sexy, dangerous, and mysterious show.

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There are a lot of locals who are extremely excited to see Paranormal Cirque returning to El Paso. If you have never been and want an idea of how extreme this show is, check it out above. Valentin Thome shared a video on his YouTube channel from his Paranormal Cirque experience when he attended.

One of the acts you may remember seeing if you've attended in the past will have you on the edge of your seat. That particular act is when the gentleman rides his Harley motorcycle from one end of the metal wire to the other. Do know he doesn't just ride it straight across, he even throws in a few stunts such as standing on his bike as it goes.

But that isn't all, there are many more stunts that will have you feeling anxious and worried for the stunt men and women. Paranormal Cirque will be in town from May 27 through June 6 at Sunland Park Mall's usual spot. You can find more details about times, discounts on tickets, and more by clicking here.

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