Thursday evening, the Pac-12 made the decision to resume their 2020 football, basketball, and winter sports season.

What this means is that all Power 5 conferences will now be playing football in the fall. It also means that the 2020 Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl looks like it will not only stay on schedule, but also include teams from both the Pac-12 and ACC. "We are extremely happy that we will have two teams from our contracted conferences to play in the Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl on December 31st," Sun Bowl Executive Director Bernie Olivas told 600 ESPN El Paso.

The fun part will be the actual matchup for the football game. The ACC said that it will assign teams with regional proximity to each of the games they are affiliated with. Since no team in the ACC is close to El Paso, there is no way to predict which team will come to El Paso from their league.

NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Arizona State vs Florida State
Ivan Pierre Aguirre

As for the Pac-12, they are taking a page out of the Big 10 where they will play seven conference games, including championship week. When the first place teams from the Pac-12 North and South face off, they will also play head to head games between the second place teams from each division, third place, etc.

It is still too early to find out how many tickets will be sold for the Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl game. For more information, visit the official Sun Bowl website.

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