The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl has come and gone once again.

On December 30th, 2022, Pitt defeated UCLA in a nail-biter of a game with a field goal to end the game at 37-35.

As the teams collided on the field, in the stands fans were continuing a tradition many may not know about.

Unless you have actually attended a Sun Bowl game, you may not know about the fans playing keep away from the security of the Sun Bowl. I am not too sure what the title of the person is who must fight the fans to get the ball back, but it is usually someone with credentials.

This important person for many years has had to struggle to get a football back from the crowd, which is usually kicked into the stands for a field goal or an extra point.

No one knows why this large game of keep-away continues to happen. I am not even sure when it started. I just know for years it is an unofficial tradition I look forward to every year I attend the Sun Bowl. Those who may be attending the Sun Bowl for the first time might see this activity as bullying, but it isn't.

It is a little fun for the fans. Don't get so upset. It may seem too mean, but it is a loving confrontation between fans and officials.

I recorded this video to capture all the action in the stands. So what you see in this video, happens through the whole stands. I was just lucky enough to capture a moment when the important guy wrestles the football away from a fan in the stands.

Of course, most people boo the guy who takes the ball away and that is how you know another round of keep-away is done. Sometimes you can't even see what happens and only have the boos to help you know when the ball was taken away. The only scary thing about this untraditional Sun Bowl event, is you have to consistently be on the lookout for rogue footballs.

Luckily this year, I only saw one person fall victim to a really hard, random football hit.

For those of you might still have your Sun Bowl ticket, don't forget to use that coupon on the back of your ticket.

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