Rhoberta Leeser, well known for her appearances in her son’s Hyundai of El Paso commercials, passed away over the weekend.

Oscar Leeser, former mayor and current mayoral candidate, announced on Facebook the passing of his mother, saying:

“It is with great sadness that I’m sharing the passing of my mother, Rhoberta Leeser. She will be dearly missed by her entire family but we are comforted to know she’s once again with my father. Please keep her in your prayers.”

Mrs. Leeser was a local celebrity in her own right, appearing in various commercials for her son’s dealership Hyundai of El Paso, closing with her famous tag line, “My Oscar, he’s such a good boy.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Rhoberta years ago when I was a waitress for a local Chinese restaurant, where she, Oscar, and the whole family, 10 to 12 deep, would often come in on Sundays, for a family dinner.

According to her obituary issued by Sunset Funeral Homes, Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser once taught school in Chihuahua Mexico, and worked at The Popular store, in downtown El Paso. Leeser is survived by her children including 13 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser Obituary provided by Sunset Funeral Homes:


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