A few lucky customers at Amar Restaurant in west El Paso got a pleasant surprise in the form of a free meal this past Monday.

In a video shared on FitFam of El Paso, customers and employees at Amar Restaurant can be seen cheering and celebrating after finding out that Mr. Charlie Clark of Charlie Clark Nissan, had picked up the tab for every customer AND he even paid for the employees meals as well.

BUT WAIT- There’s more! The hard-working crew from Amar Restaurant were also surprised with a very generous tip from Charlie. A $2,000 tip!

In the video, customers come up to Charlie to give him a handshake and thank him for paying for their meals. Employees are also seen hugging Charlie and cheering “¡Órale!” 

“A man of the people,” read Fit Fam’s post and honestly this kind gesture really does show that Charlie is a man of the people.

Back in June Charlie Clark was in El Paso for his movie premiere of “Green Ghost” which featured Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

Charlie made sure to snap photos with everyone who asked for one, he signed autographs, sang with the mariachis and he even stopped what he was doing to do a silly TikTok and Instagram Reel with me.

Sometimes it’s small acts of kindness like this that go a long way and from the looks of the video and pictures, it seems like Charlie made the day of a lot of El Pasoans and I’m sure the staff at Amar Restaurant will always welcome Charlie back with open arms!

Courtesy: Oda Jennys
Courtesy: FItFam El Paso


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