There is one last day left to give what you can to El Paso Giving Day which helps raise money for various organizations locally.

El Paso Giving Day continues into tomorrow night Wednesday, November 14, 2018 where you can donate to your favorite local charity. There are over a hundred charities that you can choose from including:

Other notable organizations include The Network Fund, a newly formed organization that provides sensitivity trainings in the area of suicide prevention among teens with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth in the Southwest area.

Another amazing grass roots organization would be Movies For Kids, they provide underprivileged and ill children of El Paso and Juarez a chance to be kids with various activities and a much needed escape from their heavily burdened lives at such a young age and are treated to a day at the movies.

There are so many organizations that need assistance and your donation can and will make a difference, so take a moment to look over all the non-profits that are listed and maybe there is one that calls out to you to make a donation – no matter what you give, every single penny counts.

For more information on El Paso Giving Day including a complete list of all organizations click HERE.


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