Well it finally happened.  I was out running errands, put my phone down, and well, you can guess the rest!

I'm forever putting my phone down when I paying for something at a store, or eating in a restaurant.  Just a couple of weekends ago, Darren and I were at the New Clock restaurant in the Northeast eating lunch on a Friday afternoon.  We were getting ready to leave when Darren went back to leave a tip and came back holding my phone in his hand! 

Now if you're like me, you probably have some embarrassing things on your phone.  From makeupless morning pictures to, shall we say, racy texts!, the content of our cell phones are usually best left for our eyes only! 

Thankfully, I noticed that my phone was missing right when I got home.  I thought maybe I had left it in the kitchen or laundry room, so I called it.  No such luck!  The girl who had just checked me out at Walgreens answered it and told me that I had left it on the counter.  She tried to run after me, but I was too fast for her.  I jumped in my car and, I admit it, sped like a lunatic back to the store.  The worst case scenario ran through my head - employees gathered round this anonymous phone checking out the pictures or, heaven forbid, the texts! 

Thankfully, the young lady at Walgreens was a saint and pulled it out from under the counter when I ran through the door.  She smiled and said people are always leaving phones and assured me that no one had gone through mine.  I smiled a little sheepishly and then got the heck out of there! 

Belated New Year's Resolution?  Put my dang phone in my purse when I'm not using it! 

And for gosh sakes, clear the racy stuff off it tonight!