An El Paso mother and her son are safe after having their vehicle carjacked by an unknown assailant this past Sunday afternoon. The incident took place at the Walgreens parking lot near the Fountains at Farah shopping center.

According to the victim, Valerie Arreola, on Sunday, June 28th around 2 p.m. she and her son returned to their vehicle after shopping at Walgreens. Before they left the parking lot, the mother asked her son to dump some trash out. While her son threw out the trash, an unknown man entered their vehicle through the passenger’s side and told the mother to get out.

The driver was initially confused thinking this man had entered her vehicle by mistake but soon realized he was there to carjack her vehicle. She asked to get her purse before exiting the vehicle, but he insisted that she get out.

As the two scuffled, she was thrown out of the vehicle. She then immediately grabbed her 8-year old son, ran into Walgreens, and called for help.

Thankfully the mother and son escaped without injury but are understandably dealing with the shock and trauma of the event.

Once the police arrived they reviewed the surveillance video revealing the series of events as they happened. They also noticed that once the carjacker drove away, a short Caucasian woman jumped into the vehicle.

Carjack Vehicle Jenna Rae Arreola
  • The alleged carjacker is a Hispanic male with average built who was wearing sunglasses
  • The missing vehicle is a White 2018 Jeep Wrangler with a black top, license plates: KXG-4005

If anyone has any information on this incident please notify the El Paso Police Department by calling 915-832-4400.


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