Everyone has a cell phone these days, and it seems like younger and younger children are getting on social media and internet video games. This story makes me want to throw up. I hope that reading it will get you really mad and make you check your kids phones and video game consoles.

A 19 year old was arrested for trying to lure two young boys, and I mean young, into meeting him to have sex. This disgusting pig's name is Elijah Dshon Mendez of the 4600 block of Tumbleweed in northeast El Paso.

Police said the victims are eleven and twelve years old, so these kids are likely in fifth and sixth grade. Just put that into your mind. Kids this young were being preyed on by this filthy pervert. Thank heavens his parents discovered the communications between Mendez and their children. And if you think that Mendez thought he was talking to someone older, think again. Police say he knew exactly how old the boys were that he was speaking to, and still tried to lure them into his trap. The boys do not know each other, but Mendez was working on both of them during the same time frame.

Here's how close Mendez got to these boys - he was arrested during a sting operation as he was allegedly arriving at a location with the intent to engage in sexual intercourse with one of the victims. He's in the EL Paso County Detention Facility on a $50,000 bond.

Please. Please. Please. Don't feel bad about searching your kids electronics. You're the parent. I always told my boys when they said I was mean for being so strict that there is no Ryan or Sam department at Target. I can't replace them. It's better to be mean and strict and not have to pick up the pieces of a child who has been assaulted.

Please. This guy almost got one of those boys. Check your kids phones and game consoles.

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