Nike just released their brand new line up feminine sportswear to the public and many people find the collection "insulting to women"

Sportswear company Nike had their brand Nikelab team up with a Japanese label Sacai for a high end line or sportswear. The eight piece collection brought things into women's sportswear that I don't anyone in their right mind had considered before- knee-length skirts, fishnet knee-high socks, peplum sweatsuits and other horrendous crimes against fashion. The worst part? The cheapest piece you can get is a hideous graphic tee with lace trim for $150. Everything else sells between $200 to $350.

Well, what does Nike have to say for themselves? Here's the description Nike gives on their site about the new collection:

NikeLab is a platform for creative exploration, driving new and unexpected outcomes through collaboration.  The NikeLab x sacai partnership is the result of this journey.  A shared passion for innovation and a bold expression of style served as the driving force behind the collaborative process, bringing to life a new women’s collection that transforms classic performance icons into functional sport hybrids.

Functional sport hybrids? When did wearing a knee-length skirt or a fleece dress scream, "Ready to dominate on the field!" Or even give you the confidence to achieve something. Women would be too worried about people seeing up their skirt or dress.

The creator of Sacai apparently look at vintage photos of American football, tennis and running to get inspiration for this new collection. After, she blended modern femininity into her pieces to create these "modern edge" pieces.

When looking for new workout clothes, my first thought is comfort, performance and then last style. Moisture-wicking fabric I think would be more comfortable and make me able to perform better than a peplum back to a sweatshirt. Style is important of course but only if it is functional. I don't mind dropping a hundred bucks on a new pair of Lululemons but only because I know that they will be comfortable, perform and look stylish. You can check out more of Nike x Sacai Collection here.