According to WebMD's web series, 'My Abuelita Told Me' featuring Dr. Juan Rivera you can ease stomach pain with a tortilla. I googled this idea of a tummy tortilla remedy after my brother who is living in California, witness the tortilla in action.

While picking up his daughter, the daycare shared their remedy.

Now there is no magic masa aka dough that has magical healing properties. It is just the heat that helps with the healing process. As mentioned in the YouTube video above, heat helps relieve the pain due to your muscles reaction to the temperature change.

Obviously, there are better ways to apply heat to your body without wasting a delicious tortilla. Heating pads are a big one for many people. Simply get one of those babies on your tummy and no need to worry about wasting food.

Unless you are a weird and want to eat the tummy tortilla.

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