Beginning Wednesday September 1, Texans will be able to carry a gun without a permit, license, or training. They will also be able to access more potent medical marijuana and buy beer at an earlier time on Sunday than they had in the past. A bunch of Texans carrying guns while high or drunk. What could go wrong?

The Texas legislature was busy passing laws that I guess you could say improve quality of life? The gun carry law could end someone's quality of life or indeed their life altogether but hopefully that new law won't turn Texas back into the wild, wild west. House Bill 1927 allows anyone who legally owns a gun to carry it in public without license or training. You can't carry it if you are prohibited from owning a firearm by law. People with felony or domestic violence convictions wouldn't be able to carry under the new law.


Texans like veterans who suffer from PTSD and cancer patients will have more access to medical marijuana. House Bill 1535 will expand the ability to distribute medical marijuana and it also increases the dosage limit from .5% THC to 1% THC. Opponents were against this law because they say it is too close to legalizing weed. Supporters say it will just help people who would rather use medical marijuana than stronger pharmaceuticals to ease their suffering.

You used to have to wait until noon on Sunday mornings to buy beer or wine but beginning on September 1 you'll only have to hold out until 10 a.m. Personally, I would rather people have more access to medical marijuana. We have a huge problem with drunk driving in El Paso and giving people two extra hours to drink isn't a good idea. There are other laws that Texas passed. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

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