UTEP students will return to class on Monday, August 22, and there are some changes about where they can be picked up and dropped off.

Students who used to be dropped off between the University Bookstore and the Sun Bowl Parking Garage (PG-1) will now have to use an official campus drop-off/pickup point in the nearby S-3 parking lot at the southwest corner of University Avenue and Sun Bowl Drive.

A Miner Metro shuttle stop has been relocated to Miner Alley across from the Fox Fine Arts Center from its previous spot in front of PG-1. An electronic traffic control gate will be installed on the road between the bookstore and PG-1 just beyond the visitors’ parking entrance.

UTEP officials say they are trying to enhance pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area.

There are other official drop-off/pickup sites around campus.

Southeast corner of Rim Road and Hawthorne Street.
Parking lots - P-4 (Schuster Avenue and Prospect Street either at Prospect or close to the pathway under the roundabout).
P-5 (Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts).
S-5 (at Randolph Drive and Robinson Avenue near Kidd Field).
P-12 (Oregon Street and Robinson Avenue).

There also is a second drop-off zone in S-3 close to the pedestrian bridge stair/elevator tower.

UTEP officials say they expect all lanes of traffic to re-open on Oregon Street between University Avenue and Glory Road before the start of school on August 22. Oregon Street will also re-open to northbound and southbound traffic between University Avenue and Schuster Avenue by August 22, but lane restrictions will remain in place. Lane restrictions also will remain in place on University Avenue at Oregon.