After the terrible events of Hurricane Harvey, the country has been coming together in a tremendous way. From tons of donations and touching stories of saving each other, here is another example of just how great the people of this country can be.

The wonderful people of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, a marketing agency funded by the city of New Orleans, placed this ad inside the Houston Chronicle. The kind words were created to show Texans that New Orleans appreciates what they did for them during Hurricane Katrina. Now it's time to return the kindness.

Hurricane Harvey's damage has left many people in a worry of woes but sometimes the simplest act of kindness can help heal the hurt. New Orleans and the rest of our country has reached out a helping hand during this time of not only disasters, but internal conflicts. Fortunately, this as is the sign of hope I have been looking for from this country. Thank you, City of New Orleans.

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