New Mexico teachers are fighting back after news of pay cuts coming their way.

According to a news report from the Santa Fe New Mexican publication, Governor Susana Martinez will be making some budget cuts in some places that could really upset New Mexico educators. In a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, the budget plan she is looking to follow through with in the up and coming fiscal years will make some budget cuts within state universities, colleges and specialty schools. Many teachers on my newsfeed of Facebook were livid about this decision and that anger has turned into a petition that is floating around online to stand by New Mexico Educators and say no to proposed pay cuts.

The petition is gaining momentum as many news channels in Northern New Mexico have highlighted the story and as of now there are a little over 8,000 signatures in hopes that the state legislation will listen and not make more cuts to educators and specialty programs. According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the only children based programs getting a budget increase will be families and youth  agencies around the state.

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