As if getting something for your mom isn't hard enough, this year for the second time we have to deal with COVID restrictions as we celebrate our mom's special day. There are a lot of things that are going to be opening up as time goes on. I've come up with some things around town that you can do that will limit the time you spend in a venue so you and your mom can feel safe.

1. The Rose Garden - Take your mom to wander around the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden at 3418 Aurora in Central El Paso. As pretty as a vase of roses is, a whole rose garden is even prettier. There are so many other plants that she can look at that she won't even miss not having a bouquet of her own, and just think about the Insta opportunities. El Paso Municipal Rose Garden

Patricia Martinez

2. Hueco Tanks - Maybe your mom is the outdoorsy type who loves to hike and explore. Check out Hueco Tanks because the hiking is superb and you can even check out their website to see if there are events coming up like stargazing or even yoga. Hueco Tanks website

Patricia Martinez

3. Bakery - There is nothing like a delicious baked good, and they're even better when your mom doesn't have to bake them. There are a lot of local bakeries out there. You can get some high end goodies at Belle Cora Bakery on the west side, or swing by Bowie Bakery for a puro El Paso box of baked deliciousness. Grab something your mom will love and surprise her on Mother's Day with some lovin' from the oven that you didn't even have to make.

David Silverman

4. Dinner - Don't even think about making your mom make her own dinner. Go get the ingredients for her favorite meal, take them to her house, cook said meal, clean up the meal, and then go home. Your mom is going to need a good nap after the amazing meal you cook her. Hey, it's Mother's Day, not your day, make sure you remember that.

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