Quick thinking was to thank after a New Mexico man jumped into his mom's car after she was almost carjacked by a man wearing no clothes.

The man that saved his mother had just moved into a gated apartment in downtown Albuquerque. His parents came by and parked on a street nearby to drop something off. As the man was approaching the vehicle he saw these two bare legs in the back seat, and that’s when he screamed for his mother to vacate the car.

The naked man was 19-year-old Eduardo Diaz, and as the mom got out of the car he tried to take off in the vehicle. He said he and his 70-year-old stepdad jumped into action to fight off Diaz. A neighbor was able to call 911 at that time and Albuquerque police officers showed up within a couple minutes.

Witnesses at the apartment complex said at one point, Diaz had a hold of the female driver and put the car in gear. The car hit the curb and stopped. Police later learned Diaz had been checked into Lovelace hospital and left before treatment in only a hospital gown and somewhere in between lost it. Both police and the victim’s family are thankful no one was seriously injured and Diaz was taken in for medical evaluations. He was then arrested and booked on felony robbery and aggravated burglary charges.

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