Local animal rescue is asking for the community's help to find a loving forever home for their longest resident in the shelter. As we continue to see from our local shelters and animal rescues, there are hundreds of dogs and cats that are available for adoption and waiting for their chance at finding their forever home.

On January 7th, El Paso Animal Services said there were over 200 pets that were lost already in 2022 and hadn't been reclaimed by their owners. That's on top of the hundreds of dogs already in the shelter who are waiting to see if they get adopted. Rescues around the Borderland have been working tirelessly to try and help save these animals and get them adopted. Sometimes even with the help of a rescue, some dogs have trouble finding the perfect home for them.

This is Angel, a 3-year, 9-month mixed breed dog who was rescued by the ACTion Program For Animals in Las Cruces, New Mexico. ACTion Program For Animals posted about Angel on their Facebook page earlier this week, asking for the community's help to help get this sweet boy into his forever home. Angel has been at the shelter longer than any other dog there and keeps getting looked over by potential adopters. Angel has so much to offer a family, especially since he is a graduate of the Southern New Mexico PAWS prison Program. This program allows inmates at New Mexico prisons to train shelter dogs with potty training and basic obedience. Angel is also described as obedient and house-trained, which is also a plus for anyone looking for a new addition to their home, but more hesitant as having to house-train a dog.

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When Angel was first rescued by ACTion Program For Animals, he was skin and bones and was very sick. Angel had Valley Fever which hadn't been treated, but after being under the care of the rescue he has made a remarkable recovery. Angel does have medications he has to be on for the rest of his life for his allergies and to treat the valley fever, which can sound daunting when you think of the price of those medications. Thankfully, the rescue said they will cover the cost of those medications for his adoptive family so you don't have to worry about the meds and can focus on loving Angel and keeping him healthy and happy for the rest of his life.

Angel has been through so much already in his life and he deserves to find a loving family he can happily grow old with. If you think you can give Angel a forever home, you can check out his adoption page on the ACTion Program For Animal's website.

ACTion Program For Animals Facebook Page
ACTion Program For Animals Facebook Page


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