Netflix has conducted another much need study about it's viewers. Appropriately titled, "Tis the Season to Stream," the study gathered 1,000 responses — 500 from online millennials and 500 from baby boomers. Overall, the study found watching Netflix is the best way to bond with your family members, this holiday season.

By the way, if you are confused on what a baby boomer and a millennial are, millennials are adults ranging from ages 22 - 39, while Baby Boomers are adults from 55 - 70 years old.

The study found the two generations actually have plenty to discuss when it comes to Netflix. According to the survey, 56.6% of millennials wished their parents watched Netflix’s Stranger Things, 24% for Narcos and 18.8% for Ozark. I haven't seen Narcos or Ozark, but I am obsessed with Stranger Things. I have caught myself telling my mom multiple times, that she NEEDS to watch it. On the other hand, Baby Boomer parents wished their kids watch Chef's Table, Mindhunter and Samurai Gourmet. 

I haven't seen any of the Baby Boomers picks, but I wouldn't mind giving them a try. If Netflix is telling me 82% of people believe talking about TV shows is the ultimate way to bond, I'll fully believe it. We don't need to talk about politics when we can talk about how dumb Dustin is in Season 2 of 'Stranger Things!'

Watching television with my family has always been something we enjoy doing together. We do argue what to watch, but it is one of the few ways we can actually communicate without killing each other. I am just glad there is some "science" behind gathering around the television for bond building.


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