I would hope if I was in the same situation that strangers would come to my rescue like this.

A man gets stuck under a bus and more than 20 people come to help lift it, it really is the spectacle to watch. It seems the bus took a sharp turn and fell over onto the man who was walking nearby.

A traffic officer saw the accident and frantically waved over people to help him. As they chanted to lift the bus the man was slowly freed from what could have been a tragic ending.

People from all over nearby came in to help, from people crossing the street to people waiting for the bus, to people stopped at the intersection in their cars. It really was a group effort and they all came through.

They failed at first but the more and more people that came to his rescue the easier it was for them to lift it. He was rushed to a hospital and suffered a fractured pelvis, but that's little compared to what could have happened if these passersby didn't help.

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