Okay, maybe not another Earth exactly like ours in another parallel universe, but another planet that has all the Earth-like qualities. So indeed, another Earth!

NASA will be holding a press conference tomorrow, unlike past press releases, this has to be something huge if they are telling us in person. It has space goers all a buzz and the anticipation is killing us!

NASA released a statement stating,

Exoplanets, especially small Earth-size worlds, belonged within the realm of science fiction just 21 years ago. Today, and thousands of discoveries later, astronomers are on the cusp of finding something people have dreamed about for thousands of years — another Earth.


Kepler has already been exploring many exoplanets and has found countless amounts of them. It is only exploring a small amount of area and has already found over 1,000 exoplanets. Many of the exoplanets discovered are mainly gas planets and are inhabitable but that could all change in as little time as tomorrow...dun DUN DUN!



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