Considering you throw garbage in your trash bin, it's no wonder it's so ugly. The Environmental Services Department wants to pretty up those trash bins during their Earth Day celebration so they want to see what kind of art you can come up with on your trash bin.

This is the second year in a row that the ESD is holding this contest. You can enter for free and it's open to residents 18 years and older. You do have to submit your artwork renderings and registration packets via e-mail or delivered in person. The first, second, and third place winners will be chosen from those who registered. Contestants will given a trash bin and paint supplies to create their masterpiece. The winning trash bins will be displayed at ESD’s Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 7.

You need to complete your emailed entry and submit them by 5 p.m., Monday, February 26.

If you would like information on the Trash Bin Art Contest, including rules and a registration packet, click on the ESD Earth Day Trash Bin Art Contest banner at

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