An odd place for a bottomless beautiful swimming hole, the desert. You can find it in New Mexico.

Many flock to Santa Rosa, New Mexico to see the anomaly in the middle of a desert, but there it is, and it's beautiful.  It is in the eastern part of New Mexico and it is even a legend that Billy The Kid used to take a dip in it every once in awhile on those hot days of being an outlaw.

It is also said that hot railroad workers would take a dip here during hot work hours, and it is still there in all it's beauty. Now visitors from all over the country take a road trip to check out this not so hot hot spot in the desert.

Now they are luring in new tourists to the Blue Hole all as a part of the New Mexico True Campaign as a wonderful place for family outdoor fun in the sun. There is even a lifeguard on duty now so you can go ahead and take a dip with the whole family.

Divers explore the depths as often as they can and they have even installed a metal crate to direct divers back to the surface so they don't get lost in the underwater maze.


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