Once upon a time there was a "gentlemen's club" called the Naked Harem in El Paso's Lower Valley. It was a large club and some pretty skeevy things went on there. Not only were women paid by men to take off their clothes but there were rumors of prostitution happening under the neon sign of a naked woman.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

Back in 2009 the whole thing came crashing down except for the naked lady neon sign. The owner of the Naked Harem, Phyllis Woodall, was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity/promotion of prostitution and her trial had a lot of rather public men shaking in their boots. The district attorney at the time, Jaime Esparza, went hard after Woodall in his prosecution of the Naked Harem. Esparza said that sexually explicit businesses had no business in El Paso. The trial and the titillating testimony of various men who had spent a lot of money and time at the Naked Harem. One male patron said he spent about $50,000 in drugs and sex at the Naked Harem.

Last week, the media was out in full force when the County of El Paso announced that the naked lady neon sign of the Naked Harem would be taken down. It seems a little odd that they made such a big deal about taking the sign down 12 years after the trial that closed the doors to the Naked Harem. It was there for decades, lighting up the night sky with her arched back and kicking legs. It was there for over a decade after it closed down. It's down now as you can see in the video above. The video below is an exclusive walkthrough of the interior of the club.

The County says they are going to be using the Naked Harem building to "help the community due to chapter 59" limitations. Time will tell to see what is the next move for the Naked Harem.

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