I have to admit it, I hate Christmas music. I can't stand that our country plays Christmas music, right after Halloween. I hate that I began to see Christmas decorations being sold at retail stores as early as Halloween. The only warmth that melts my cold Christmas hating heart is Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO).

Rock and Christmas "magic" is not something I would find to be a great match, but I was so, so wrong. Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert proves that Christmas music doesn't have to be these corny songs, it can be a heavy, melodic rock music. I was blown away by the intensity that can come from a sweet guitar solo, mixed with jingle bells. The singers from all over the world bring a powerful, soul-touching sound to original and classic Christmas songs. The light show synced to all the music is outstanding and could give Fred Loya some new ideas.

I was lucky enough to see TSO for the first time on Wednesday. It was also the first time for my parents and my boyfriend to experience a TSO concert, which we all completely loved. I can confidently say that the majority of the attendees in the Don Haskins center were just as mesmerized by the magic of the music, whether it be the first or tenth time attending a TSO gig.

Even if it did take over an hour to get to the show, due to the craziness that is Mesa street, it was completely worth it.

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