After standing on the corner of Mesa and Sun Bowl Drive for over 40 years, the building that Luby's called home for decades has been torn down.

In the coming months a national retail gas station chain will be going up in its place, according to documents filed with the state.

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Why Did Luby’s Close?

This past April was the end of the buffet line for Luby’s on N. Mesa. The west side location had been open since 1964, but did not close for lack of business.

It was reported at the time of its closing that the property owner wanted to sell or redevelop the property and because of that did not renew its lease with Luby’s parent company.

A scaled-down pop-up version of Luby’s featuring a rotating menu of fan favorites is now for lunch on the lower level of Enrique Moreno County Courthouse at 500 E. San Antonio. (You can read more about it HERE.)

Here’s What is Coming

Murphy USA Facebook
Murphy USA Facebook

State documents posted online show a Murphy Express is planned for the busy corner.

It's owned by the Arkansas-based Murphy USA, which is known for selling gasoline at a much lower price than most other places. From what I've been able to determine by researching on the internet, they are able to do this because they sell "unbranded gasoline."

Unlike Murphy USA, which is typically located near a Walmart store, Murphy Express stores are larger standalone gas stations in the traditional convenience store format with more fueling lanes.

The one planned for N. Mesa and Sun Bowl Drive, for example, will have at least 8 fueling islands, per the posted documents. There are currently 5 Murphy Express stores in El Paso.

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