The revolution of toys is a seriously, wonderful transformation. From enjoying the simply things in life like bubbles, to becoming obsessed with the most innovated tech toy, kids have always had pretty sweet gift choices.

Kids can be so picky when it comes to Christmas gifts. Instead of being grateful, if it isn't the hottest toy of the year, you might as well have gave them coal. Parents should be given more credit for going out of their way to make their kids happy. It's hard to stalk a toy not only at the store but online.

With the help of FEMAIL, Dailymail has composed a list of the most popular Christmas toys from 1940 to now. Some of the 90's and my own personal favorites made the list, and are being brought back, this holiday season.


A simple time were people made sure children new their gender roles. The popular boy toys of this time were toy guns and military-styled toys, while girls were given toy ovens, irons and brooms. Some of the classics began their popularity at this time, such as bubble solution, Slinkies and the Magic 8 ball!

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Oh what a time to be alive! Barbies were invented in the 50s and became an instant Christmas gift. The Hula Hoop also took on a new life as a popular time, due to being invented in the 40s. Kids just needed some time to warm up to the product. The iconic Mr. Potato Head, Troll Dolls, Matchbox cars, Tonka Trucks and PEZ dispensers were also top choices in Christmas gifts for 50s kids.

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In this decade, Barbie had some competition with Chatty Cathy dolls and Little Miss Echo. Two dolls I have never heard of before. Not to be outdone, Barbie's man Ken was released in the 60's, along with the Barbie Dream House; which caused a whole new wave of popularity for the brand. As for Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels became the popular car choice, while G.I. Joe toys were also at the top of many boys Christmas lists. Classic toys released in this year include remote control cars, Etch-A-Sketches and Duncan Yo-Yos.

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In the 70s, children started to see somewhat of a technology transition with the invention of one of the very first video games, Atari 2600. Of course, that was just the beginning of the popularity of technology for Christmas. Many kids were still enjoying the fun that comes from a new board game like Hungry Hungry Hippos and the electronic memory game, Simon. Rubik's cubes and Stretch Armstrong figures were also at the top of their game during this decade.



I like to think of this year as the invasion of the Cabbage Patch Kids. According to DailyMail, $60 million dollars was mad the first year these toys came out, then made $600 million just in 1985. The popularity of My Little Pony was also a hit during this time, and has stayed alive all these years. The ponies are still a major hit now, as many young girls still make sure to write them at the top of their lists. Playskool kitchens were also introduced during this decade, along with the Glo Worm, Razor Scooters and Pound Puppies.

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We now come to the year I grew up and cherish oh so much. The 90's nostalgia is big right now, so some of these toys are making a big comeback; like Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo Dolls. Most of the toys made during this decade have just gone through makeovers, but are still the toys we love like Nerf Guns, Bop Its and Sky Dancers. Some toys mentioned that will probably stay in the 90s are Spice Girl figurines, Sky Dancers, Furbies and Gameboys.

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2000s - 2010

This decade is when technology opened up our eyes to the fun at our fingertips, instead of the imagination within our minds. MP3s, Playstations, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, iPods came in to destroy the Christmas toy game. I remember my poor parents were scrambling to find money for all this new technology, which I still cherish to this day. With three older brothers, in their teens at this time, technology ruled our home. Bratz dolls also came on the scene to challenge Barbie, but she is still around and they aren't. I still love them, though.

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People are currently trying to stab each over fake animals and scooters. Hatchimals and Fingerlings are still reigning as the popular toys, while some toys are already selling out like the LOL Surprise dolls. Now these LOL dolls are super expensive, which makes me nervous, because I would never pay tons of money for a surprise. Good luck to those parents that are. FurReal toys, Nerf Gun, Lego Marvel, DIY slime makers and Tamagotchis are also must-have gifts for kids this year and great second-options to those sold out toys.

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