Play-Doh in Hot Water After Several Complaints About New Toy
I dunno if anyone else follows Play-Doh on Facebook but you should cause they're doing some serious damage control
— El Clarko (@Fatgoldfish4) December 29, 2014
Thank goodness I don't have kids because I would have been laughing if my kid pulled this out of t…
'Mariachi Barbie' - Hit Or Miss?
Mattel is getting ready to release 'Mariachi Barbie', part of its Dolls of the World collection. They released a Hispanic themed Barbie last year, and to say it wasn't well-received is a huge understatement. People were mad at Barbie's dress, her hair, and the fact that she was carrying a Chihuahua.…
Toys Your Parents Really Didn’t Want To Buy You But Did Anyway
When it comes to buying toys for their children, parents sometimes have to weigh the consequences between buying them something loud and/or messy that keeps them relatively well behaved or letting them throw rocks at each other and finding out exactly how much stitches cost.  If your parents bought …

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