El Pasoan captures a most surreal photo of the moon near Mount Cristo Rey.

Earlier this week, a waxing gibbous moon was hanging low in the night sky near Mount Cristo Rey, and that's when one El Pasoan captured the spectacular photo of the month.

Local photographer enthusiast Miguel Vigil was inspired to take his photos after seeing a stunning photo of this year's lunar eclipse back in May by another local photographer Jorge Garcia.

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia captured one of the most breathtaking photos of Mt. Cristo Rey with the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse behind it in full effect.

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With a waxing gibbous moon hovering over El Paso, Vigil also patiently waited for his picture-perfect shot, and the results are awe-inspiring.

Miguel Vigil

Miguel shared on the Facebook group page, Photography Enthusiasts of El Paso, that not only was he inspired by Garcia's lunar eclipse photo, but that he had taken a similar picture of the setting sun at the exact location a year ago.

Miguel Vigil

Vigil's patience and skill paid off as his photos show a glorious waxing gibbous moon hovering over Mount Cristo Rey.

So what makes these photos so captivating. Well, for starters, it's not often that we get to see a lunar eclipse or an in this case, a perfect waxing moon near a landmark such as Mount Cristo Rey. Timing and patience, of course, have plenty to do with it, and a love for taking photographs no matter the camera equipment makes it that much more impressive.

Miguel Vigil

El Pasoans are notorious for capturing striking photographs around our city, from optical illusions and glorious sunsets to colorful rainbows.

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