Monika is sharing her 5 top songs for the week. See if any of your favorite tunes made the list.

There is so much music that gets released everyday I though I'd start sharing some of the music I'm listening to on a weekly basis. Here are my 5 top picks for this week.

Lauv is my new favorite artist, hailing from San Francisco is currently out on tour and even opening up for a portion of Ed Sheeran's tour this year.

BeBe Rexha just released her album Expectations featuring her latest single I’m A Mess and you can catch her performing out at Lollapalooza and Kaboo Fest this year.

Weezer makes a surprise with their cover of Toto’s Africa due to the persistent and constant request of a fan which has obviously paid off. Years later Toto can thank Weezer for their song being back up on the charts after 30 some years since its original release.

After a hiatus Daughtry is back with a new single in Deep End off his new album Cage To Rattle dropping this coming week followed by a worldwide tour.

Cash Cash is back with another tune in Finest Hour featuring Abir, a Moroccan beauty who at 22 is making waves in the dance and R&B world.

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