Monika interviews Sam Elliott at the premiere of his latest movie, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot.

This year the Plaza Classic Film Festival brought in special guests, director Robert Kryzkowski who made his directorial debut of his film, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot starring Sam Elliott. I had the opportunity to ask about the film which is described as a fictional film about an American war veteran that is hired to capture a mythical creature. The film was more than I expected as director Kryzkowski weaved in a love story and seemed to capture the unrest of a man who reflects backs on his life and wonders what if he had made alternate choices in his life. The film debuted the U.S. premiere right here in El Paso to a sold out crowd and it seemed just as fitting since actor Sam Elliott and the post production crew all have ties to El Paso.

Below, director Robert Kryzkowski and Sam Elliott talk about how the character was developed and what attracted Sam Elliott to the lead role.

I then had a little fun and asked Sam Elliot if he believed in Bigfoot - had to...

A big thank you to the Plaza Classic Film Festival, director Kryzkowski and crew who shared their time including Sam Elliott - as you might have imagined, he was the proverbial gentleman. When you get a chance check out his new movie, it's definitely a cult classic in the making.

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