The wild winter weather that has blanketed Texas didn't really cause many problems for El Pasoans, not like the problems that were caused during the February winter storm back in 2011. Ten years ago three days of single digit temperatures resulted in rolling blackouts, service disruptions of other utilities, fights in area grocery stores over food and water, and plants and trees not being able to handle the stress and freezing literally to death. There was a general sense that we were living through a climate apocalypse. We even called it Snowmageddon and were glad to see all that wintery weather move out of the area.

Fast forward ten years and another polar vortex has wreaked havoc on our state. This time around El Paso was able to avoid all the mess because of infrastructure rebuilding done by El Paso Electric, but one local salon is dealing with the huge toll that several frozen pipes caused inside their space. From Mix Salon and Spa social media:

"Mix Salon and Spa was submerged in water when an overhead pipe burst unexpectedly as a result of the extreme cold throughout the area. Unfortunately, as a result of the pipe bursting several of our staff will be unable to perform their craft upon on which they rely on to make their living and provide for their families.
We're asking the community for support in raising money so we can help our staff get back to work. Thank you so much, and please stay safe during this winter storm"

Even though we avoided things like rolling blackouts, it's clear that not everyone avoided the consequences of having a hard blast of winter roll through town. Just check out the photos of the damage:

WOW: Water Damaged at Mix Salon Spa

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