It's no secret that UTEP sports are having a tough year. The UTEP Football team had a horrible year, and the UTEP Men's Basketball team is off to a really bad start as well.

stomped on by Northwestern State, 79 - 67. Attendance at the basketball games has been low, as can be seen in this tweet:

What can also be seen in the tweet is a group of fans who are clearly not happy with Coach Tim Floyd. A close up of the tweet makes that all too clear:

Former UTEP Football coach, Mike Price, who spends a lot of time in El Paso during the winter, got hacked off at those fans and let his emotions get the better of him. He allegedly ran up to them, ripped an 'F' away from one of the fans, and then, according to, pushed the fan and yelled out "you guys don't know what the f*ck you're talking about!" According to the website, Price was asked by security to leave the area and he went upstairs and was not seen again.

I'm pretty shocked at this display by Price. It was a classless freakout for a man of his age, but if he has that much energy and is going to hang around El Paso, maybe he should see if he can be part of the coaching team with current UTEP football coach, Sean Kugler. Price apparently has some really strong feelings about UTEP coaches, and we could use a little bit of fire and passion in the UTEP football team, so Coach Price, call up Bob Stull and see if he'll give you a spot on the team! In the meantime, however, get a better grip on your horses, man.

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