Lately it seems like guy after guy has been proposing to the love of his life with some grand gesture of sorts.

For example, there's the video of the soldier who proposed to his girlfriend on the jumbo screen at a recent Kansas City Royals baseball game, there's the guy who had the band Train sing their hit song "Marry Me" while he proposed to his lady,  and yet another featuring a guy in New York who commissoned a street mural to propose to his girl. All grand gestures.

Seriously, guys, KNOCK IT OFF! You're making the rest of us look bad.

Because of guys like you the lady in our life watches these videos or gets told about them from a girl friend and we gotta hear it; "Why didn't YOU dress up like a gorilla and pop the question on the Jumbo-tron during halftime of the Super Bowl? Don't you love me as much? Why can't you be as romantic? Am I not worth it?"

But don't just not do it for the romantically challenged. It's also not good for you either. You're setting the bar way too high for yourself from the get-go and that won't bode well in the future.  

If you have a real elaborate or grand proposal, she's going to expect a wedding equal to or more grand than the proposal. And the honeymoon better be just as romantic or you're going to start your lives together by disappointing her.

But, wait,  it gets worse.

Now you'll have to maintain that romantic intensity forever. I'm talking birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas. Because if you don't, you'll start hearing the same type of crap: "Why aren't you as romantic as before? Don't you love anymore? You've changed. You're not the man I married."

So, please, kindly knock it off. It's for the greater good of all men.

Besides, marriages that start off with low expectations last much longer -- you got nowhere to go but up!

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