It seems like lately guy after guy has been proposing to the love of his life in one creative way or another.

There's the guy who disguised himself as Paydirt Pete and asked his honey to marry him during a UTEP football game. Another asked while the pair were on a roller coaster. And yet another faked an injury during a one-on-one game against his girlfriend before popping the question.

The latest is Ray Smith of Grimsby, England. Ray proposed to his intended for 148 days in a row via selfies of he and her -- but he did it in secret on a little scrap of paper facing the camera so she couldn't see what he was doing.

Smith finally revealed all the photos to her on Christmas Day, including a pic of him down on one knee, then asked her to be his wife for real this time. Check out the slide show he put together in the video above.

Yeah, that was sweet. Now, knock it off guys. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

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