See what a fan left on Justin Furstenfeld’s rental car after his performance at the Corner Tavern on Cincinnati Street.

On Wednesday, Justin Furstenfeld was in town to perform a private show for a few KISS fans.

After his inspiring performance and after he met all the fans he was ready to head out to grab a late diner when we realized that a fan had left a little something for Justin on the grill of his rented car.

It seems that an unidentified fan could not control their bodily functions and ended up puking all over the front grill of the vehicle which was parked directly in front of the back door of the venue.

Blue October

As grossed out as Justin was, he thought it was disgustingly appropriate to take a picture with the 'gift of puke' someone left on his car and proceeded to post it to his Instagram and then had a good laugh about it.

This is just another reason why Justin is super cool and another way El Paso is keeping it classy.

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