There was this weird story about a school principal who banned all things Christmas, including candy canes. The reason, she said in a memo to staffers, was because the candy cane is in the shape of a "J" for Jesus, the red coloring stands for His blood, and the white coloring stands for His resurrection.

Mike and I were talking about the story on the air and he thought it was a joke and his mind was blown when I told him it's true. There are a number of legends surrounding candy canes like this one, but the commonly told story is that the candy cane started as a colorless, straight candy stick. A choirmaster is said to have bent the stick candy into a cane shape to resemble a shepherd's hook, and then gave them to children to keep them quiet during performances.

Will we ever really know the real story about candy canes? Probably not, but I really like the story about them I told Mike, and I really love candy canes!

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