Earlier this morning, I was doing the news, and I read the story about what University Medical Center is going to do with the $152 million they're getting from the El Paso County Commissioners Court.  One of our listener's didn't like my take on the story, and says he'll never listen to us again.

Mike and Tricia Mornings Listener Won't Listen Anymore

Daniel wrote on the KISS El Paso Facebook page:

"I have been an AVID listener for many years, but I'm extremely disheartened from your opinions voiced this morning concerning the bond for UMC. I don't think I'll be listening anymore. Shame on you. I suggest voicing both sides of the story, in the future. It's a very scary feeling not having health insurance! I'm glad UMC is a healthcare leader in El Paso! I don't see any of the other hospitals in our city stepping up."

Well, Daniel, I stand by my opinion.  I don't think that 152 million dollars for new buildings and clinics is a good idea for a couple of reasons:

1.  UMC is already a tax supported entity whose purpose it to take care of indigent and uninsured patients.

2.  They don't have any business building new 50,000 square foot buildings when there are dozens of standing 50,000 square foot buildings that could be turned into clinics.

3.  UMC doesn't work within it's existing budget right now, and we're going to let them build clinics that won't make money and will need to be supported by even more tax money?  Stupid idea.  The idea behind these clinics is to keep people from using the ER at UMC as their primary care.  Instead of building more clinics we taxpayers will have to support, UMC should have built a clinic on their hospital grounds and had people make appointments - you know, like a doctor's office.  Revolutionary idea, I know, but a better one for taxpayers.

Just like you, I've been uninsured often in my life, Daniel.  I paid for Ryan's birth 25 dollars at a time for 3 years because I was uninsured!  I totally get needing health care and being scared to death when I was uninsured.  But this really wasn't a good fix.

I really appreciate you letting us know your opinion, Daniel, and I really, really hope you give us another chance!

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