This is how you celebrate our country’s independence with a bang. An awe-inspiring, epic bang.

You’ve heard it said a million times: everything is bigger in Texas.

And while the local fireworks displays were really impressive, chances are it was nowhere near as amazing as this next-level Texas fireworks show.

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The dazzling display was part of the Drone & Fireworks Extravaganza at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

Alamo City resident Josh Paredes posted the 40-second clip of the unforgettable finale with the caption, "San Antonio does not mess around on the 4th of July."

He’s not wrong.

Josh Paredes Twitter
Josh Paredes Twitter
Josh Paredes Twitter
Josh Paredes Twitter

It was an incredible display of firepower; a fireworks conclusion on steroids that turned the San Antonio night sky brilliant shades of pink.

I caught myself oohing and ahhing like I was actually there. I bet you’ll be blown away, too. Pun totally intended.

This is how you do, 'Merica. In the words of Sir William Wallace in that Mel Gibson movie, ““Freedom!”

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