Nothing says "Happy Fourth of July" like shooting off enough explosives to annoy your neighbors and scare all the dogs in the neighborhood.

As traditional and American as playing with explosives on the 4th may be, you cannot set off screaming mimis, finger blasters, spleen splitters, or whisker biscuits wherever you want. Most cities and towns have ordinances that dictate if and where you can.

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Are Fireworks Legal in El Paso?


Sorry Pyro Pedro, you cannot buy, possess, or shoot fireworks inside El Paso city limits – although that’s never stopped anyone in my neighborhood from causing one of my dogs to cower in fear at 1 a.m. while the other barks incessantly.

The use of fireworks inside city limits is a Class C misdemeanor. If you are caught being a menace to society within city limits your fireworks may be confiscated and you could be issued a citation.

Where You CAN Pop Fireworks

Ian Schneider/Unsplash
Ian Schneider/Unsplash

The county did not ban all fireworks this year, which means residents in Montana Vista and other incorporated areas of the county will have to suffer through another 4th of July night of traffic, trash, and terrified pets.

Although El Paso County Commissioners approved the use of fireworks in the county, aerial fireworks – also referred to as sticks and fins – are a no go.

San Eli & Anthony

You also have the right to blow your fingers off in the City of San Elizario, which previously banned the sale and use of all fireworks within the city limits but this year amended their ordinance and will now follow the same regulations as El Paso County.

The Town of Anthony, Texas, also allows you to shoot and pop fireworks but only on July 4 and only between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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