First, a sexy, new Hamburglar, and now a hipster ingredient in the Big Mac? What the heck, McDonald's?

Kale is an acquired taste that seems to be liked the most by people who make faces at people who eat carbs and fast food. So, why is McDonald's putting it on their menu after they made fun of trendy things like kale, soy, and quinoa in a recent commercial?

McDonald's commercial celebrating its Big Mac made fun of 'vegetarians, foodies, and gastronauts', and said there would never be kale on their iconic burger. But it looks like there will be kale on the Mickey D's menu, at least in a limited way.

McDonald's is testing two breakfast bowls in, of course, Southern California, and one of the bowls has turkey sausage, egg whites, and kale. The burger giant has been testing a new food products to try and turn around a number of months that have seen sluggish sales.

But kale? Say it ain't so, Ronald!

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