Suburban dad-bro? Hotburglar? Creepy cosplayer? Those are some of the comments on the internet about the newly revamped McDonald's Hamburglar. The Hamburglar hasn't been around since 2002, but he almost broke the internet yesterday when he was re-introduced.

He also looks like he's trying to be dashing and scruffy and appeal to the ladies, and not the kiddoes. That look worked for this tweeter:


There were tweets about the slightly creepy nature of the new Hamburglar:

There were even people who were trying to figure out who that masked man is:

McDonald's says they are trying to update their image and turn itself into a "modern, progressive burger company." I think they just need to remember that the Hamburglar is supposed to be part of our childhood, not our twisted '50 Shades of Hamburglar' fantasies.

Back to the drawing board, McDonald's!