Mattel is getting ready to release 'Mariachi Barbie', part of its Dolls of the World collection. They released a Hispanic themed Barbie last year, and to say it wasn't well-received is a huge understatement. People were mad at Barbie's dress, her hair, and the fact that she was carrying a Chihuahua. Go figure, Hispanics getting mad at a little dog? I can't believe it! So, what do you think about the new 'Mariachi Barbie'?

Mattel released advance pictures of the new doll earlier this week, and unlike last year's controversy, it seems social media is digging the new 'Mariachi Barbie'. Mattel says their The Dolls of the World collection "features native fashions, while celebrating the cultures and diversity represented within each country in a way that will appeal to Barbie fans of all ages."

I think 'Mariachi Barbie' is very pretty, but she's nowhere near as pretty as the mariachis you'll see at the Mexican Food Cook-Off! Check out the pretty mariachis from a few years back, and join us this year for more rockin' mariachis!

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