There is nothing cuter than a kitten but they do tend to get into spaces that they shouldn't. The El Paso Fire Department had to rescue a kitten that got into a section of pipe Monday night and the poor little beast looked like he was a little worse for the wear when he was set free.

According to KVIA, the little kitten got stuck in the pipe and had to be extracted using not only really scary power tools to cut him/her out of the section of pipe it was stuck in, but they also clearly tried to use liquid dish soap as lubricant to get him/her free from the pipe. The end of the video when the little kitty was taken out of the pipe is cute and heartbreaking at the same time, but when you realize he/she only looks like that because of the dish soap it seems ok.

If you have a kitten make sure that your house is secure enough to keep them from having to be cut out of a pipe. The noise that power tool made could not have been pleasant for the little beast to have to deal with. And I can't even imagine how thrilled the little kitten must have been when it had to get all that soap washed off of him/her. I know that cats are really big fans of water, especially the amount of water needed to rinse off that much dish soap so the evening must have been really fun for the kitten's owners. Take care of your kitties and doggos so they aren't the next ones who have to be rescued.

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